Stand construction
From design to construction, uniExpo has the know-how, experience and creativity to get the best out of stands and presentations.

The power of imagination is only part of designing and realising a successful event. With this in mind uniExpo provides a comprehensive offering. We have what it takes to get the right effect. The process starts with an inventory of your preferences and requirements.

Your ideas combined with our experience and expertise produce the initial design: the layout and plan of the (trade fair) area. Depending on key factors like position of hotel vis-à-vis stand pavilion and “basics” including house style, participants and material in position, we design a customised plan of approach.

We have the knowledge, creativity and facilities to create the right ambiance for every stand and presentation. We work together with specialized (electrical) technical installers and suppliers. uniExpo, the right place for both customized productions and the professional design of universal system stands.

Shell scheme stand construction

Standard system stands: basic elements. Shown are the most common elements from our rental program, which, however, includes considerably more. Moreover, we deliver everything for further finishing of the stand.

Custom stand construction

Are you looking for an unusual design? Towards a pragmatic solution for a complex presentation issue? Based on our extensive portfolio, we are happy to show you what uniExpo means by impact through perfection.